The Innowave Chiller-3

Innowave Chiller-3

For commercial uses, the Innowave Chiller-3 is a very effective and different type of bottleless water cooler. First, it utilizes a 3-step filtration process. While the standard 2-step micron filtration system is a perfectly healthy way to filter tap water, the Innowave Chiller-3 adds a third step Granular Activated Carbon filter to “polish” the taste of the drinking water, much like a reverse osmosis system utilizes a fourth stage after membrane filtration. Second, this bottleless water cooler exposes the filtered tap water to Ultraviolet (UV) light to “reduce heterotrophic bacteria.”

If you do not exactly remember your notes from biology class, heterotrophic bacteria is contamination from contact with organic sources which multiplies when organic compounds are oxidized. Basically, when heterotrophic bacteria meets a particle and is then exposed to air, it can quickly contaminate a water source to the point where the water is actually hazardous to people with compromised immune systems.

Featuring an exterior made with BioCote TM, the Innowave Chiller-3 bottleless cooler is designed with sanitation in mind. BioCote is an antimicrobial coating, guarding against microbes including E.coli and MRSA.

Finally, the Innowave Chiller-3 has a large capacity as a bottleless water cooler, dispensing hot, cold, and ambient (room-temperature) water. It is a luxurious machine priced for a mid-sized business, suitable for a large office or warehouse where cleanliness and efficiency come first. You can find the Innowave Chiller-3 here.